Solomons Island, (Day 2)

Another day at Solomons. No thunderstorms. No reprieve from the heat. But we visited the most amazing museum: the Calvert Marine Museum (and it was mostly indoors).

We started with a walk through the Calvert Cliffs and fossil finds.

Wove our way through the discovery tanks of sea life.

Saw where the otters play indoors.

Happened upon the Drum Point Lighthouse. We climbed small circular stairs to the light. Spied the living quarters of the keepers.

Mark checked out the outside splash toilet.

All in all, a thoroughly great exhibit. It was moved from its site on the Patuxent River to the museum for all to enjoy.

We then explored the wooden boats that make Chesapeake unique: skiffs, bugeyes, pungies, skipjacks, canoes and all types of watermen boats.

From there we ventured inside again to see exhibits and the history of the Chesapeake. It was really fascinating and very educational. One of the best museums we have visited.

Then on to Westmarine (Whitworths equivalent) to spend money followed by grocery shopping. We were very thankful the marina dropped us off and picked us up at the various venues. Way too hot to walk.

After putting all the groceries away we headed off for the pool and a few drinks to rehydrate. We ended up sitting in the pool for three hours whilst drinking and talking with lovely people. As a result, we became prunified!

I tell you, this retirement life is hard yakka! We didn’t even have time for our afternoon siesta.

Such if Life!

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