Solomons Island on the Patuxent River

After a lovely evening spent in our little cove on Smith Creek, we set sail down the Potomac, past treacherous fish traps and camouflaged crab pots. We were Solomons Island bound.

We had no wind and calm seas. Even with our forward motion we created no wind to alleviate the heavy, languid air. Even with our eisenglass windows open it was hot. Time to start the air conditioning on the flybridge. Fan deployed. Wet scarf deployed. Still no relief. Finally had to resort to the wet t-shirt, but with no air swirling, still no relief.

It was a hard slog, today. 5 hours of unrelenting heat, hovering around 38C. To amuse ourselves, we observed and investigated a float overboard. We made sure there were no bodies floating in the water.

We then sailed close to the “Point No Point” lighthouse. Yes, that is really its name. Dolphins were aplenty. Wished we could join them!

We now reside at the Solomons Island Yacht Club, where we are blasting our aircon full bore. The people in the yacht club have been delightful and very welcoming, especially around Happy Hour. Nowhere is far from where we are tethered.

We also enjoy the regular flyovers of Hornets, helicopters and P3 Orions and other navy planes. Directly across the river is the Naval Air Station Patuxent River. It is the home to US Naval Test Pilot School, Atlantic Test Range, Naval Air Systems Command and is a centre for test and evaluation and systems acquisitions for naval aviation. Yahoody!

We were going to cross the Chesapeake tomorrow to explore Oxford, but there has been a weather warning issued for the region. High heat (higher than today) and thunderstorms are forecast. Think we will stay put for a few days and rehydrate. And get blasted by naval jets!

Such is Life!

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