Rest and Recuperation

Dear readers,

By now you are used to the chronicles and voyages of Bushranger as she makes her way around the Great Loop. Sorry to interrupt with a tale of delay, illness, recovery and achievement… just like James Cook!

Posts have been few in recent days. That’s because Bushranger has been holed up in the delightful port of Deltaville, Virginia, at the most accommodating of marinas – Dozier. We arrived Tuesday for an overnight stay, both suffering a coughing virus.

Wednesday came with little enthusiasm to sail. We pottered; we loitered; we went to town; we dinghied to a restaurant for dinner.

Thursday came in which we were knackered after a night full of coughing. Let’s sail tomorrow.

Friday came, and the marina offered us a month’s rental at less than it would cost to stay here until after 4th July celebrations. All mod cons, pool, courtesy cars, magnificent sunsets over our stern, a passing parade of boaters. We took it. We intended to stay until 8th July anyway.  

In the tradition of Captain Cook… idle hands make idle minds. What can we do? Bugger the cough! In 35-40C degree heat we sanded, masked and prepared windows and swim platform for varnishing. Trips to town to get a few supplies and a bit of downtime (well nap time actually) in the AC comfort inside the boat. What we are missing in new harbours and anchorages we are gaining with Bushranger looking ever more beautiful as timber work is raised back to its original lustre.

In the words of Captain Cook (maybe), “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Jack being a sailor. So, as the weekend ends, we look forward to meeting Gregg and Carol, our tour guides for the next week, exploring Washington DC, a tour of the White House, and 4th July celebrations overlooking the Mall. They have put together an amazing program culminating in us spending the night at the historic Tangier Island in the middle of Chesapeake Bay. Coughs be gone!

Such is Life!

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