Moving to Mobjack Bay

Today we hit the water again. We are back on the waterways of the Chesapeake, exploring little gems.

We set sail in idyllic conditions – 25C with low humidity and a light breeze. The waters were calm and green. We enjoyed the 4-hour sail northwards to a bay on the western shores called Mobjack. Here, four rivers feed into the bay. We chose to explore East River. We meandered up as far as the water depth allowed and anchored in Woodas Creek.

And for all who knew of my expertise in cutting the hair of our late dog, Bosun, you will realise what a surprise I received when Mark asked me to cut his hair. So, on this balmy day, gently bobbing on the still waters of Woodas Creek, I trimmed his hair. Not bad for a first time (on human head!)

At the end of this pleasurable day all that is left is to just ‘be’ and enjoy a sundowner.

Such is Life!

12 thoughts on “Moving to Mobjack Bay

  1. pepelemon

    You will be able to hang-out your Hairdressing shingle when you get home!!! Another string to your bow!!!


    Norma & Celeste xxxx


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