Norfolk, Virginia

We spent an enjoyable night listening to a chorus of frogs. We left our slip in the early morning with rising tendrils of mist creating a primordial scene along the Dismal Swamp.

Three miles further in to the swamp and we crossed the North Carolina/Virginia state border. And shortly after that we were thrilled to see a fawn drinking at the water’s edge.

Norfolk here we come. After being wonderfully entertained by the conch playing lock master at Deep Creek Lock, we left the idyllic Dismal Swamp behind to discover Norfolk … just around the bend! We went from trees to a jungle of steel. The water colour turned from melted dark chocolate to blue-green. (Our heads (toilets) are now flushing with much better looking water!)

We sailed past a number of mighty US Navy ships with cranes standing as sentinels. Row upon row upon row of ships. Little guard boats sailed up and down, making sure we did not get too close.

We tootled on and on down the Elizabeth River, finally reaching Hampton Roads – a busy stretch of water with shipping lanes. We negotiated past two container ships to our destination, a marina, in Willoughby Bay. It is a great location. Across the bay is the US Navy helicopter training base. And yes, they are training… non-stop training. It is now nighttime and they are still training. We were told they will be training all night! Unbelievable noise, constant noise. Constantly above us flying in circles, figure of eights, spotlights… you name it!

A food foraging expedition introduced us to another side of US culture. In the local supermarket was a young female armed guard. In the car park was another young male armed guard. I did not feel any safer for having them present. We don’t know if they are usually here or if it is response to the mass shooting which occurred in Virginia Beach last week. All US flags have been flying at half mast.

Still, I am glad to be here.

Such is Life!

2 thoughts on “Norfolk, Virginia

    1. marknheather

      No open water sailing for awhile. Need to get damage fixed. Plus traveling to Quebec City on 10 June for BIG celebrations! Back to boat 20 June. Exploring Chesapeake Bay after that. Settling in here to explore Norfolk and surrounds.


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