Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the day on the water sailing from Myrtle Beach, SC, to Southport, NC. As did everyone else! Glorious day for a sail: warm sunshine and cooling breezes. We felt like royalty, waving to everyone – constantly turning to left and right. I know how the Queen feels now. It takes a little effort to keep one’s arm up with smile firmly planted. (No wonder I have wrinkles or should I say smile lines?)

The ICW is certainly a playground as well as a boating highway. We were constantly waked, but we couldn’t take offense – everyone was jovial on the water and we were the slowest watercraft by far.

At North Myrtle Beach we passed two casino ships that I imagine would be the equivalent of the old gambling paddle boats which plied the rivers.

On Thursday, the scenery changed after leaving Georgetown. Trees, trees and more trees. We have finally left the marshlands and swamps behind us.

We spent Friday alongside in Myrtle Beach with maintenance and laundry needing attention. I am amazed at what we did get done as the temperature soared to 40C (104F) at 5.00pm. And I felt every degree and every ounce of humidity. Our boat’s air conditioning could not keep pace. I could not keep pace. We met our lovely boat neighbours, Chuck and Terri, who kindly took us to the local grocery store for needed supplies and then took us out for dinner afterwards. Their southern hospitality was very much appreciated.

Sailing in winter is looking good!

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Carol

    It’s just as hot in Alabama, I’ve never gotten use to the heat and humidity. Remember the cold going up to Chattanooga. All the pictures are lovely.
    See you on the Chesapeake.


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