McClellanville, SC

Where? This is a little backwater, halfway between Charleston and Georgetown. Due to tides and shoaling along the Intracoastal Waterway, we decided to stop here overnight. Glad we did!

We made an early departure from Charleston to time our safe passage over two problem areas with extreme shoaling. It was surreal eating breakfast whilst sailing across Charleston Harbour with the charming city of Charleston on one side and Fort Sumter on the other.

We have been in what is known as the ‘low country’ since first entering Georgia and now South Carolina. The marshes and vistas are flat. You can see for miles – marshes and more marshes. Boats and houses appear like ghosts gliding across a carpet of green. The houses are built for storm surges, being 2-3 stories high. Their jetties extend for long distances over the marshes to reach the water. Little channels and streams don’t appear until you are abeam.

Thankfully, the bugs have abated. But the heat is never ending. It is relentless and energy sapping. Even motoring at 7 knots does not create a breeze. The air is heavy.

So, back to McClellanville. We are docked at a tiny marina, which has the friendliest young lady dock master of the trip. We are within walking distance of the fishing fleet and fresh seafood. On a recommendation, we strolled (in the heat) a few blocks to a fish restaurant. We were not disappointed. Not only was the fish delicious, but we passed by the 1,000 year old oak – famous in these parts. On the route we strolled under oak tree tunnels laden with Spanish moss and passed glorious churches and southern antebellum architecture.

What a little gem of a place!

Now, we are about to tuck into our fresh crab dip and huge shrimp (prawns) for dinner… and wait for the heat to die down. Thank goodness for air-conditioning!

Such is Life!

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