Isle of Hope

The first week of our return to USA has been one involving work, relaxation and discovery.

After swabbing the decks, washing the windows, dusting and provisioning the boat (housework on a small scale), Mark surprised me with a mystery drive – a Mother’s Day visit to Claire.

Claire and family were equally surprised when we rocked up. The time spent with family is always priceless and this was no exception. Back on the road after two nights – too short, but so worth it. A side treat was seeing much of Georgia in our 8-hour dash to Tennessee and another 8 hours back again to Savannah. Plus, we ‘dropped in’ on our friends, the Turners, for morning coffee.

Back to Bushranger with Mark doing a lot more boy stuff in the man cave (engine room). He fired her up today and she purred beautifully. He also serviced our bicycles in preparation of a discovery ride. Unfortunately, a no-go! My bike requires major attention, with a suspected inner tube replacement needed.

Isle of Hope is a gorgeous piece of Georgia containing architectural gems and history of Colonial times, Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

We visited Wormsloe, the 1736 colonial estate of Noble Jones… and it is next door to our marina! The 400 live oak avenue runs 1 mile to the ruins of the original tabby house. We undertook a very informative tour, strolling the bucolic grounds. You could just see the Spanish trying to sail past Jone’s Narrows; the British Redcoats in scout boats; Union troops ransacking the residence; and a little bootlegging gin during Prohibition.

Love being immersed in history! The bugs… not so much!

Such is Life!

8 thoughts on “Isle of Hope

  1. The photos look amazing!!! So glad you managed to visit with Claire and Family for Mother’s Day. It must have been the sweeter for seeing them!!!
    Safe travels.
    Norma & Celeste xxxx


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