A most unremarkable day

A day hinting to be fraught with challenges ended up being a most unremarkable day. With much planning, we set sail early to sail through the most shallow part of the ICW. Tides and currents were checked and rechecked. We were ready to sail except we were fog bound. I was hesitant but Mark was confident we could sail blind.

Early morning photos as we left our ‘rustic and rundown’ marina, before and after the fog played with us.

2A8D2C40-6E79-479D-94C4-DB0424BA616FFor most of the eight hours of sailing we were in and out of thick fog, blown in from the Atlantic Ocean. We didn’t see much of this part of Georgia. Very little traffic was on the waterway. We had our navigation lights and radar on and the fog horn blasting every 2 minutes.

We entered the notoriously shallow Mud River and sailed through easily. Not sure what I was worried about! We are nestled in a small marina in Kilkenny Creek, preparing for tomorrow’s journey through Hell Gate, the next challenge. Bring it on!

Such is Life!

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