Bushranger’s scorecard

Hi. Bushranger here. As we near the end of another voyage I did a quick review of all my departments to see how we have performed this time round. Of course, if the review was not excellent I would not be blogging about it!

Let’s start at the bow (front for lubbers).

Anchor reports excellent voyage. He can be a bit lazy so his report may be because he got little use. When he did get used it was in lovely surroundings and that new friend – tender – got a chance to show off.

Lower Helm: Lower helm knows its place. If it is too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy, everyone loves the lower helm. Otherwise they enjoy the high rise view of the flybridge helm. Lower helm felt this was a good voyage with plenty of early morning work and then the rest of the day off.

Galley: Rated excellent. Galley likes to work and got plenty of opportunity to cook meals, bake bread and cookies and generally do its job well. It’s efforts at bread baking were rated better than excellent.

Fridge: No report. I got the cold shoulder. It has always been a bit frosty.

Upper Deck: Only got a satisfactory from this department, apparently not enough wash downs. I put this to having spent too long in the rivers with spiders, requiring regular spider poop wash downs. Wet dewy mornings meant it was hard to keep a pristine deck.

Holding Tank: Do we have to go there? I guess so. Reported excellent but off a low base. Having held a full tank November to January, anything better scores well.

Heads (toilet for lubbers) and showers: Once again, do we have to go there? You bet your arse we do! The holding tank would feel unloved if we didn’t. Rated excellent but with some dissent from holding tank.

Keel: Keel rates any day when it is not rubbed in the mud as excellent. Propeller who is a happy fellow just spinning along at the back, shares that view.

Fenders: Only a low score. They got put under some pressure at some berths but did their job well. They just don’t fully understand that it is necessary to be compressed like – well girls reading this will understand.

Engine room: Rated very good after a bit of a hiccup with the starting circuit. Some grumbling from raw water strainers about the constant change from fresh to salt to brackish water.

Prettiness: All departments (yes even the holding tank) rated excellent for prettiness.

Such is Life!

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