Disaster averted!

Disaster struck! We were up early ready to catch the slack high tide when fog reared its obscuring tendrils. We delayed as the sun was trying its best to break through. 

Mark gave the all clear to start the engines… Nothing! No sound! Nyet! Nada! 

After tinkering with boy gadgets, Mark quickly discerned he needed professional help. A call was made. Unfortunately, the mechanic said he would get to us in about 1.5 hours. Our safe window for sailing in shoaling waters was quickly dwindling. Actually, it was rushing past our windows at great knots!

B2DBD1DE-A56B-4E4E-9CAF-C46823FAE580The mechanic arrived. The mechanic fixed the problem. The mechanic advised us we could still navigate the shoals and low water. Well… we did, but not before sailing through 4 feet 5 inches. With a draft of 4 feet, I sat down and held on, waiting for the impact…

No impact, but I don’t want to be in a situation like that again. We are safely secured at Morningstar Marina on St Simon’s Island. We sailed through a rain squall, but are very glad we are here as Mark received an alert that flooding is expected tomorrow along Jekyll Island and the Atlantic coast. A big blow is coming which will delay our arrival in Savannah. With the big blow and spring tides, timing is everything.

Such is Life!

6 thoughts on “Disaster averted!

    1. marknheather

      By increments, we are inching closer to Mud River and Hell Gate – areas of shoaling and tide constraint. Slow boats and strong tides take careful consideration! Not to mention our flights home on 25 Feb from Savannah!


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