Bye Bye Florida… Hello Georgia

Another state is added to our voyage of exploration. We sailed from Amelia Island, FL, this morning, crossing the Cumberland Sound and in so doing, crossed the state border into Georgia.

It was quite an uneventful sail to Jekyll Island, GA. This part of the country is quite devoid of human habitation except for a couple of ugly factories.

There are a few houses dotted on Cumberland Island. It is a nature reserve with wild horses having the run of the island. These horses were let loose by the Spanish when they owned this part of the world. I looked, but didn’t see any!


We did see loads of dredging taking place. 

We sailed past the navy’s Kings Bay Submarine Base, home to six Trident-class submarines. Thought we might have to dodge them. I looked, but didn’t see any!

We reside now for the next two nights on Jekyll Island. Looking forward to exploring by courtesy golf cart and on bike. Thank goodness the terrain is as flat as a pancake!

Such is Life!

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