St Augustine

A picture says a thousand words…

FA116E79-E85A-4F24-9E63-065FDC74DAAEWe met up with Vic and Camille Melin after 38 years. They were gracious hosts for our first ever American Thanksgiving in 1981, and remain as ever gracious, hosting us at their beautiful home and then for lunch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

St Augustine  is a priceless jewel of history, culture and gastronomical delight.

Slave market in Plaza de la Constitucion, streets lined with oaks covered in Spanish Moss and the city gates dating back to 1700s.

Henry Flagler, railroad partner of Rockefeller, had an enormous input into St Augustine from 1885. He envisioned St Augustine as a great resort town and started construction on many buildings. Above are The Ponce de Leon Hotel, Hotel Alcazar and Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church where Mark and I attended a classical recital of Baroque  music. Flagler also brought the railroad to St Augustine and extended it all the way to Key West.

The Castillo de San Marcos is steeped in history. It was the last bastion before the Spanish ships, loaded with gold and treasures from the New World, caught the Gulf Stream back to Spain. St Augustine is rich in pirate history, with Sir Francis Drake having attacked the fort, but being unable to take it, burnt the city of St Augustine to the ground.

These are views from our boat. We watch the bridge open on the half hour. Dolphins regularly cruise by us. The night lights are very romantic. And the sunsets are sublime.

D516902E-7853-435A-802B-75F9AAD9CC9EBut lest you think all is rosy… we had a pultrifying pong problem. Glad to say, Mark got to the bottom of it.

Such is Life!


5 thoughts on “St Augustine

  1. pepelemon

    What a beautiful Port! Your pictures are just beautiful!!! Did you meet the Melin’s in California all those years ago or or elsewhere? Just love the sunsets! Really enjoying your cruising!
    Cheers, Norma & Celeste xxxx


    1. marknheather

      We met the Melin’s in Miami. We sailed with them on their yacht on Biscayne Bay. They are friends of Pater and Mum. Thanks for the encouragement with the blog. Xx


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