Heading East

Today was the day to depart Fort Myers. Up early in the dark, to be ready to sail at first light, only to discover fog had descended and Bushranger wouldn’t start! After the boys found the bad connection in the fuse holder, we set sail a little later than anticipated. The Caloosahatchee was as smooth as an oil slick, but the fog was thick. It lifted after about an hour and half of careful sailing.

We watched for manatee and alligators, but alas none were seen. We did see evidence of manatees leaving Ortona Lock, but we didn’t see the body, just the movement under the surface of the water.

Today was a long sail. We sailed for 10 hours, through numerous manatee speed zones, glided under 8 bridges, past one power plant, numerous trailer home parks, through one swing bridge, beneath one lift bridge and negotiated two locks. A full day, indeed!

And now we lie peacefully alongside the town dock in Moore Haven, a sleepy little town on the Caloosahatchee Canal, on the outskirts of Lake Okeechobee. People have said we will see hundreds of alligators and manatees on the next leg. Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! 

CFBAC73F-A1E7-4285-AC79-E9DA75960B60We have squared away Bushranger. Enjoyed our aperitifs. Watched the beautiful sunset. Consumed our meal. And are now listening to classical music as I compose this latest blog entry.

Such is life!

6 thoughts on “Heading East

  1. pepelemon

    Sounds wonderful!!! I hope you are not to cold over there? Been incredibly hot here.

    Cheers, Norma & Celeste xxxx
    P.S. Celeste started at Macquarie Uni today!


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