It’s a waiting game

No going against the weather gods. We have come as far east as we can go, Carabelle, before the next stage of crossing the Gulf of Mexico to reach Florida’s West Coast.  At Bushranger’s speed of 8 miles per hour this crossing will take about 22 hours. This will mean half the journey will be done during the night 😬.

We are being cautious. Just this week a boat turned back after 4 hours pounding into 4 foot waves. The damage to the interior of the boat was incredible. We will wait until Thursday, when tides, wind and sea state are forecast to be the most suitable for a slow boat. Hopefully by then Exhale will join us for the crossing: two buddies looking out for each other. Some boats attempt it solo – which is crazy.

Carabelle was hit by Hurricane Michael and the devastation is everywhere. Of the three marinas only one, The Moorings, is accepting transients. The Moorings has 170 berths (slips) and all are damaged. They are only able to accommodate 20 boats at a time with limited facilities. How lucky are we to be able to tie up to a dock which has been hastily repaired with electicity and water! Others have not been so fortunate. The turnover of boats is ongoing. Fast and large boats tend to only stay one night before heading off to the West Coast. Small boats and sail boats have longer stays of 3-4 nights, waiting for the elusive weather window.

For the next couple of days we will lavish Bushranger with TLC, coaxing her ever onward.

Such is Life!

12 thoughts on “It’s a waiting game

  1. Take your time guys. Once you’re underway watch for crab pots, as they’re everywhere (although the hurricane may have erased a few of them). My memories of Carabelle are good and bad – dead fish all over the docks but a wonderful old fashioned ice cream shop (Carabelle Junction). Is the ice cream shop still there?


    1. marknheather

      Hello friend – will definitely take our time. I am not happy to go unless all conditions are perfect. Will have to go on a hunt for the ice cream shop. Thanks for letting me know about it. Hope you are missing me. Coffee and ice cream date when I am back.


  2. Vanessa

    All sounds pretty scary. Hope the weather improves and you make a safe crossing. We’ll be following you- but from the UK by them.
    Good Luck! V xx


    1. marknheather

      Thanks Vanessa. Loved reading about your trip to LA. In 1981 Rolling Hills Estate and Rancho Palos Verdes was our home. Beautiful area of greater LA. Safe trip home.


  3. Christine Rutherford

    You are having a rough time at the moment but so glad you are being so sensible and cautious as I know you always are. Do stay with boat company, after all you are on holiday and able to change plans. I know you enjoy challenges Mark but not too many please. Best of luck with the weather and shall await your next report with interest. here tomorrow and even more in Queensland where I head on Wednesday. Loads of love Mum xx Christine Rutherford



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