Safe and snug

To those who have enquired as to our safety with the hurricanes rampaging Florida and the East Coast, we are safe and snug. The storms and wet weather have not reached us in our travels. We had one day of showers, yesterday, which was perfect timing as we stayed in Columbus for some sightseeing. We borrowed the marina’s courtesy car and drove into Main Street, Columbus – the historic part of town. We had a delightful tour of the home of Tennessee Williams before lunching in a cute ‘pie’ shop. We walked a part of Catfish Alley – home to Mississippi Blues music.

Last night we experienced our first docktails – a gathering of boaters to share convivial chatter, wisdom and food. We met some lovely people who we hope to ‘bump’ into again on the waterway. Our boating neighbours gave me a bunch of fresh basil, and another neighbour gave me a much needed scourer – for cleaning my fenders.

We set sail at 7.00am today to negotiate the first lock with three other boats. We stayed in company with one of the boats, as he motors as slowly as we do! The river is beautiful with graceful ‘S’ turns, meandering back and forth into Mississippi and Alabama. The state border is not delineated by the river, but rather a straight line. Some of the time I don’t know which state I am in! But the scenery is bucolic and the river flows with a steady rhythm. Sunlight danced on the water producing sparkling diamonds. Garlands of mauve water lilies floated by. Trees stretched their limbs to the waters edge. And through it all I kept alligator watch. Yep! We are sailing in ‘gator waters. I am looking out for their beady little eyes.

Tonight we are safe and snug in a very picturesque cove. We tootled around in our dinghy before sunset. I wondered if alligators jump – the water level is close. Still, it was fun to explore our little piece of paradise.

Another day awaits…

Such is Life!

9 thoughts on “Safe and snug

  1. Barbara

    Hi Heather & Mark.. your descriptions make it sound just perfect.. and to think we’re experiencing a cold wet spring.. rain doesn’t seem to want to stop – good for the gardens they say .. as long as the farmers are getting some I guess we can cope 🙂
    Glad to hear you missed the weather dramas, you can never quite tell especially with my poor geography:)
    Keep on enjoying and sharing your adventures



  2. Christine Rutherford

    So good to hear that you’re safe and enjoying your lovely surrounding after all we have been hearing of the hurricane. I’m just watching Princess Eugeni’s wedding on TV, quite interesting with most of the royals there of course. Andrea Boccelli sang solos with the London Philarmonic orchestra. He is a friend of theirs. They only have 850 guests to greet!! Off to bed now so night night and stay safe xx

    Christine Rutherford



      1. pepelemon

        She looked beautiful and he was soooooooooo happy!!! I will save you a magazine or two so that you don’t miss a thing!!! Prince Harry & Duchess Megan are here now and have announced yesterday that they are expecting their first baby!!! All really exciting!!!
        Travel well and safely!!! Good winds and tides to come your way!!! Cheers from down under, Norma & Celeste xxx
        P.S. HSC starts this Thursday – wow!!!!


  3. Vanessa

    So pleased all is well and sorry if I contacted you in the middle of the night. Just anxious fir your safety- nothing much we could have done from here however. Enjoy gator country, sounds idyllic We are in the English Lake District waiting for our family to arrive for a weekend break. Can’t wait a whole weekend with all the grandchildren. It’s a shame that the winds and rain have crossed the Atlantic and are blowing a gale outside. Still the scenery is still amazing and we are warm and snugg inside with wood burner and a warm drink. All quite for the time being……

    Love and hugs to you from us all xx


    1. marknheather

      Very much appreciate your concern. How wonderful you are having a family get together. I love those times. Too far in between for us 😔


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