It had to happen…

Yes… today we ran aground! It was actually a gentle kiss that remained a hug until a small cabin cruiser hauled us free. But let me give you the full picture.

We left Fulton at 7.00am, locking down easily through the first lock with two other boats. As we approached Amory Lock we were told by the lockmaster we would be delayed for a tow barge locking up. No problem, except the wind cut strongly at right angles to the lock and its approach. Still no problem keeping in a holding pattern. As the tow emerged he could not get out of the lock due to the strong wind. The captain of the barge and lockmaster requested the three pleasure craft to go to the windward side of the barge and move out of the channel, to allow the barge a huge amount of room to negotiate steerage in the wind. Still no problem as there was plenty of depth… except for one little area and we found it. Mud bottom and no speed so no damage, just stuck! The small cabin cruiser came to our rescue and towed us clear. We resumed our travels.

And so now we are snug in a berth at Columbus Marina, enjoying a sensational sunset.


Such is Life!

8 thoughts on “It had to happen…

  1. grace and dohee

    sounds very technical to me
    however get out and enjoyed sun set such as life
    I will be Melbourne tomorrow and Friday.
    May be FNC off this coming Friday due to members away
    keep in touch


  2. We got stuck in the Tenn-Tom too! I guess Bushranger felt it was fair that both her crews get the full Tenn-Tom experience. Oh, by the way, you’re in my old stomping grounds. Columbus MS is where I spent my year of pilot training. 🚀🌻


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