Farewell to friends

This morning, at 6.30am, we farewelled Summer Wind and Water Music, signing off over the radio.

We set sail at 8.30am, locking down in the first of three locks for the day at 9.00am. Whitten Lock is quite deep and provided some amusement. In the lock, Bushranger is tied up midships with one rope attached to a moving bollard. I took up my position  at the stern, fending Bushranger off the lock wall. As we descended a breach in the wall created a ‘little’ waterfall… just where I was required to stand to fend off. I couldn’t abandon my post! At first I was not amused, then reasoned as it was so hot, I would enjoy a little cool-down.

Through two more locks and we reached our destination for the day – Midway Marina at Fulton, Mississippi. We were met by our Mississippian friends, Sonny and Eileen. They drove us on a tour of Fulton and we had a delicious and enjoyable Japanese lunch. After a quick stop for supplies, they drove us back to our slip.

Our boating adventure is not just about boating, but the people we meet along the AFFF62C3-645C-4C12-89DB-603092EF5D8C
way. We have been enriched by having met Sonny and Eileen.

Such is Life!

7 thoughts on “Farewell to friends

  1. Gregg & Carol Turner

    We’re blessed to have such wonderful friends. We’ll be here waiting here for you to “cross your wake” as you conquer the Great Loop and complete your adventure. Safe Travels!


  2. pepelemon

    Just had a look at all your messages: they are fun to read and it is the first time I have seen all of Bushranger from the outside – it is a very handsome boat!!!
    We hope you have lots of fun!!!
    Norma & Celeste xxxx


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