Awakening – Bushranger’s point of view

It has been a long hot summer. I bade farewell to the Admiral and Captain in May and settled down for the break. Pretty simple really, just the bare essentials operating and I had little else to do but remain afloat. As summer progressed the spiders descended. They dropped into the most uncomfortable places and I really became quite itchy as they nested. It was a relief every six weeks to get a thorough hose down and clean to remove the pesky critters.

With fall (autumn) approaching I allowed a frisson of excitement to run down my keel as I awaited the crew’s return. I knew the time was close as Terry (the mechanic) came aboard and cleaned out my heat exchangers (for those who don’t know, its like having a really good blow of your nose). I felt so much better and ready for anything.

Then the big day. THEY ARE BACK. From a sleepy, sweaty Deep South break all of a sudden I came to life. Systems came alive. Tanks filled, cupboards and fridges bursting with food. Volts and amps were correctly directed, motors and fans spun up, those annoying spiders were banished forever. Finally, I pulsed into life as first my main engine and then the generator throbbed into contented life.

Being ready in all respects, on Saturday we cast off lines and I was once again able to cruise the waves in a short shakedown jaunt around the local area. The Admiral demonstrated admirable skills in some touch and go berthing drills – I was never once nervous. We returned to our slip (berth) just the three of us unassisted and contented.

Now for a little respite until castoff next Saturday, when we will begin our journey to Florida.

Such is Life!

7 thoughts on “Awakening – Bushranger’s point of view

  1. grace and dohee

    geographically you are far away from us but your note awake me that you are near by us
    such as we had nice drink last night for enjoying long weekend.
    keep healthy and enjoy as much you can
    look forward to see you soon
    Grace & Dohee


  2. Christine Rutherford

    Dear Bushranger, Great to hear from you again and to hear you’ve had such a refreshing pre season workout bodes well for match days. We all know how important preparation is and your support crew have done well. No doubt they will attend to your niggles this season as they crop up. We look forward to match reports and to you making the finals again, you’ve got what it takes. We feel for you as you occasionally have to rub shoulders with absolute show ponies and hope you will reflect on our love for a true work horse to get you through those long nights.

    Give Captain and Admiral our regards as they go along for the ride, we know they really appreciate your hard work and consistency, as do we. Look after them. Bushranger Fan Club

    Christine Rutherford



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