Post Script

We enjoyed a few days of culture in Huntsville, Alabama after we left Bushranger. The culture was varied, entertaining and most enjoyably a hoot!


Gregg and Carol graciously hosted us and chauffeured us from Iuka, Mississippi to their home in Alabama.



En route we explored the Coon Dog Cemetery (in banjo playing territory – way, way off the beaten track).

We trod the pavements of the historic part of Huntsville, including an old-time hardware store with the most amazing old-time wares. We passed the buildings where Tallulah Bankhead was born, where presidents dined, where history oozed. We strolled through the delightful Hunts Park, complete with a beautiful creek/canal running through the middle and home to large sized carp. We toured Twickenham area – old south antebellum architecture.

We ate lunch in the antebellum building at the entrance of the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, enjoying the bucolic scenery.

D45EA4E6-6725-4C53-98D5-F61996A94775We dined alfresco at the Turner’s, in their enchanting garden and terrace, complete with snake in cat’s mouth, turtles, and birds – robins, cardinals and yellow finches.



And yesterday, Claire drove down from Franklin, Tennessee with the kids to join us at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Centre. We had a blast!

Signing off until next time…

Such is life!

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