A most marvelous day

As sailors know, there are debits and credits with the weather gods. Today was a well deserved credit.

We cast off at 6.40am to a glorious sunrise.

We sailed out through the narrow channel bordered by a limestone rock wall.

A2703F62-DA7A-47A4-B653-F4B59FD93AE0We sailed past tow moorings, standing as sentinels beside sunken islands.




We sailed under bridges

We sailed beside bald eagles and nesting ospreys

We sailed past beautiful foliage

And as the Tennessee Valley Authority had let out water from higher up, we sailed in a river 10 feet higher than we sailed two weeks ago. This impacted on the banks and homes lining the shores. For some, a little too much impact!

And as we sailed, the temperature warmed up to shorts weather; a respectable 25C. Yahoody!

Such is life!

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