Out of my comfort zone

Ok – I know one must take the good with the bad; the sweet with the sour; the rough with the smooth.

But last night was not nice! Even though we were tightly secured in our slip by four stout lines, Bushranger corkscrewed all night. We had howling winds gusting up to 21 knots and torrential rain which penetrated our boat in three places. The maelstrom did not let up until morning. Not being a roller coaster thrill seeker, I was distinctly ill at ease. Sleep evaded me until 2.00am.

8ACB13B1-250B-4FEE-BB6D-052857F641D0Still ill at ease, we sailed away from our safe harbour in light rain. The day’s sail went smoothly, if not a little wet.

It was a good day to try my hand a bread baking again. Not perfected yet, but the skipper is happy with the result.

30E7D489-9645-44F0-AEE5-C1C5F13ABC3ENow we are safely bedded down at Paris Landing, a beautiful marina in a national recreation park, surrounded by thick foliage and sweetly singing birds. We decided not to anchor out in a secluded cove, in case the wind came up. And besides, I need a good night’s sleep!

Such is Life!


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