Essential chores

E2B7FADF-7A58-47F0-AAED-008F05428CD3It was a dark and stormy day  – – – and we accomplished much. Mark undertook sea trials of our new dinghy and outboard, which was a resounding success.

Next we gave the new dinghy a spit and polish (as one does) and repositioned it on the davit.

This was followed by an excursion to the Johnsonville State Historic Park (located next door to the marina) and Welcome Centre, where we were regaled with the Battle of Johnsonville in the Civil War. In brief: Johnsonville provided Union forces with a stream of vital supplies. On 4 November 1864, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest attacked Johnsonville from across the Tennessee River. He fired on anchored Union naval vessels and supplies piled alongside the riverfront. In short, the Confederates won, with most of Johnsonville being burnt to the ground. But as so often happens, too little too late. The Confederacy was already waning. A small remnant of the town of Johnsonville existed until 1944, when the Tennessee Valley Authority flooded the river to form Kentucky Lake. I just love history!

Onward into New Johnsonville and a wonderful grocery find. We have stocked the larder.

The Bushranger juggernaut rolls on.

Such is Life

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