A hard day’s sail

The weather gods have been kind to us. After an incredibly cold evening, we awoke to frost and a wee nip in the air. We stayed beautifully cozy with our heating and didn’t feel the temperature until we moseyed on out for a country breakfast, 20 paces from our boat.

Yesterday, I started out with beanie. Today, I started out with beanie, scarf and

gloves, only to discard each one as the day warmed up.  We passed through some remote and starkly beautiful scenery. It is not hard to imagine the first white settlers trying to make inroads on this land. Or ‘see’ Cherokee on the banks of the river. Or imagine the river trade which plied these parts.

We sailed on and on and on. Mark, overcome with exhaustion, needed to take time BAC6DD71-DE35-4648-A4F3-0591300E7227out. So now, we are in a most tranquil and lovely embayment, at the Pebble Isle Marina. We are surrounded by national parks and the scenery is stunning. The colours reflected by the setting sun on the water and foliage – makes you glad you are alive. We will stay here two days to explore the area: both its natural beauty and the history. Also, to evade the downpour of rain which is forecast.

Such is life.

4 thoughts on “A hard day’s sail

    1. marknheather

      Hi ho – today we have rain. We will do some boat cleaning and tidying. Bushranger is such a comfortable boat for cruising – suits us perfectly. Plus some land exploring. Can’t pass up on the history.


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