We’re off and sailing

44D2478A-D104-49D1-9BEA-05FF29328894Bushranger set sail from Aqua Yacht Harbour at 8.25am this morning, bound for Clifton on the Tennessee River. We locked through Pickwick Dam, a mere 113 feet high and 7,715 feet long. What a ride! We sailed into Kentucky Lake, which is a stretch of the Tennessee River.  Yesterday we were in the 80s, today in the low 50s. A might chilly. It was coats and beanie wearing weather.

D3D2F0D8-B6C4-4329-97D7-D216EB632ED4This stretch of the river is loaded with Civil War history. We passed Shiloh on our left and General Ulysses S Grant’s headquarters in Savannah (TN) on our right. Tonight we are snug in a little harbour at Clifton which was the staging point of two raids by Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. We are learning so much.

The elderly couple who run the Clifton Marina are delightful and loaned us their car to buy supplies. Our little tour of the town was interesting. Clifton is a little backwater of Tennessee – houses are beautiful wooden structures but look like they are on the set of a (horror) movie. A cross between “Stepford Wives” and “Psycho”. I feel a little “Deliverance” may be in the air.

Stay tuned.

Such is life😬

3 thoughts on “We’re off and sailing

  1. Vanessa and Richard

    Sounds as though you are on a ‘learning break’ so interesting and fun. Will look forward to further posts. A little worried about the ‘Deliverence’ reference do take care! Love V and R xx


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