Bushranger awakes – the journey continues…

Bushranger is stirring. Her decks are washed. Her engine is finely tuned. She is stocked with food and looking oh so regal. Sea (river) trials begin tomorrow. Fitting the outboard motor to the new dinghy will take place on Monday. And then… we are off to entertain new adventures.

Preamble – we spent a very enjoyable evening with Gregg and Carol in Huntsville, Alabama, before heading south to Iuka in Mississippi. The  people at Aqua Yacht Harbour have taken very good care of our ‘girl’. She really does look amazing. It has been great fun looking inside her drawers (pardon me). Just like Christmas, discovering all her bits and bobs. Sleeping on board again, felt so natural, as if we hadn’t been away. Mark is in his element scrambling all over Bushranger and tinkering. It’s given him a new lease of life.

The people here and in the south are very friendly and go out of their way to be pleasant and accommodating. They have taken us under their wings and helped us enormously. Everywhere we go we seem to be a novelty: people keep asking us to speak so they can hear our accent.

One big adventure!

Such is life!

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