New Crew

Guess who came to dinner? And stayed? David!


After a final and gastronomically delightful dinner, we said our farewells to Gregg and Carol, purveyors of southern hospitality.

6.30 am departure from Ditto Landing saw us heading down the Tennessee River for a full day of sailing IMG_1803to our destination of Florence, Alabama.

We sailed past nuclear power stations, through sunshine, wind and thunderstorms. But before you think, ‘oh no‘, the thunderstorm was a blessing. We locked down through Wheeler Lock and were then informed we would have a 4-hour wait while a barge had to be disassembled and locked down through Wilson Lock. The thunderstorm was not to the barge’s liking and we were told to “y’all go’n thro”. We cranked up the engine and plowed in.

This meant berthing at the gorgeous Florence Harbour Marina in daylight and with a smile on our faces, albeit drenched!

IMG_1802   IMG_1805

Such is life!

10 thoughts on “New Crew

  1. I love Florence! There’s a restaurant called The Hardware Store that is wonderful. ..all you need to worry about is getting the junker of a loaner car there and back again. It was a crummy old van last year. ..have they upgraded and got something that goes up hill without moaning? Lol. Either was the food was great! FUN!


  2. Captain Starlight

    Bushranger will be happy to be back in Florence on the Singing River.
    I hope David enjoys his stay. Makes sure he swabs the deck before he splices the main race.


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