And so, to the beginning…

Plane delays and storms; tornado alerts; thunder and lightning were never going to stop us. We used the time to plan, prepare, and familiarize ourselves with Bushranger. Good friends, Gregg and Carol, fed us, provided shelter, chauffeured us, and helped us in innumerable ways while waiting for the perfect weather to arrive.

And it came. Today we sailed the Tennessee River – from Guntersville to a small embayment on Nickajack Lake – under windy but sublime conditions. The scenery was breathtaking: the river a bucolic, meandering waterway. We saw the iconic American Bald Eagle and commercial river barges.

And today we were blooded with our first lock – Nickajack Lock. And yes, we did it! And yes, we are amazing!

Such is life!

11 thoughts on “And so, to the beginning…

  1. Christine Rutherford

    Great to get your interesting news and to know all is going well. A lot can happen in just one week! Must be time to create a book from these journeying Mark. All’s well here. Love Mum XX

    Christine Rutherford


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  2. Richard and Vanessa

    Really enjoyed the first instalments of your travel blog, keep them coming- with photos. All sounds amazing. Now to try and find the map and follow your route.

    R and V

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  3. Norma

    Finally Managed to get onto this site – don’t faint!!!

    Nice to see you are both having a fabulous time!!! Hope all goes safely and smoothly for you.

    Norma & Celeste xxxx


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